Tên : Wet Alarm Valve
Mã số : Wet Alarm Valve
Mô tả : Contain water motor alarm bell, delayer, pressure switch
Chi tiết :

Sprinkler System Wet Valve, Alarm Check Valve (ZSFZ Serious )


The  wet alarm valve is a check valve that only allows water flows unidirectionally and drive the matching part to alarm at prescribed pressure and flow. It constitutes the sprinkler system with water flow inductor, pressure switch and sprinklers. This valve is divided into two sides by a valve flap. The above side is connected with system pipeline and the underside is connected with water supply. The valve flap will open only when the pressure between the two parts reach a certain level.


The alarm valve is always on a set condition the system side is full of pressurized water. The heat sensitive component on the sprinkler will blast and spray automatically when there is fire somewhere. Thus the pressure at system side will reduce and then valve flap opens because of pressure difference. One hand the water supplied to system side, on the other hand a small part of water flows to delayer and reach water motor alarm bell finally to make it alarms. The pressure switch turns pressure signal to electric signal and start fire pump and auxiliary fire fighting equipment to put out the fire. Water flow inductor will also work and show the position of fire.


The delayer is a cylindrical water storage tank that with inlet and outlet. Because that the pressure of system side will fluctuate that the valve flap will open at a moment but will close right away. In order that the water motor alarm bell makes misinformation, the delayer store the water to buffer time.

Pressure Switch

Pressure switch turns the pressure of water into electrical signal and it was installed above the delayer. When the system is started, pressure in the alarm pipeline reaches the motion level of the switch and the contact will close or open, turning water pressure into electrical signal.
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